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completed PROJECTS

developing collaborative smart-city solutions for climate change adaptation in puebla, Mexico

The aim of this project was to identify climate change-related challenges and possible 'smart city' strategies, through implementing an interactive dialogue between community members, government institutions, NGOs, private businesses and other stakeholders in Mexico.

Resilience: Community-based landslide risk mitigation

This research project aimed to explore the scope for, and acceptability of, landslide risk-reducing strategies for informal settlements from the community and state perspectives.

Medellín urban innovation #mui

This research project asks how and to what extent urban innovation in Medellin, Colombia is contributing to an improvement to social equity and welfare in the city.

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upscaling resilience: Co-produced landslide risk management strategies

Drawing on lessons from a pilot experience in a single small informal settlement in Medellin, Colombia, this research project evaluated the use of community-based participatory monitoring and mitigation of landslide risk across the city in Medellin, as well as in another city within a different Latin American country – São Paulo in Brazil.

smart cities and community data management

This project aimed to explore whether smart city approaches to urban development effectively address the most pressing issues that vulnerable communities face, focusing on the case of Medellín, Colombia.

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