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The projects that we are currently working on reflect the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of our work as well as our interest in co-creating innovative solutions to complex issues that affect vulnerable populations across Latin America. Here you can explore the research projects that we are currently developing in collaboration with universities and organsations in each local context. 

Increasing resilience in Medellin's urban edge: co-production strategies towards integrated risk management

The project is based on increasing resilience at the local neighbourhood level and rooted in the importance of citizen participation and dialogue between community, government and academia. The overall goal of this collaboration is to increase knowledge and reduce disaster risk, which will lead to identifying mitigation works and an early warning system. 

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Galapagos 2040 vision

This research project aims to identify and raise awareness of the challenges and opportunities surrounding Ecuador’s plan for a zero carbon footprint by 2040. 

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Developing co-created smart city solutions climate change related risk in Mexico

The research purpose is to test mechanisms for long term sustainable processes of risk monitoring and mitigation through engaging communities and organisations in a constructive 'dialogue of knowledges'. In addition, the research will assess how multilevel actors are influenced by, and can influence, climate change-related risks and the associated governance structures - such as the development of policies and norms - to allow greater support for climate change engagement.

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co-produced water management infrastructure
solutions to adapt to climate change-related risk IN PERI-URBAN MEDELLÍN

This project aims to develop transdisciplinary knowledge and build capacity for policy implementation, through identifying and testing water management infrastructure solutions that are at the intersection of technical, social and environmental knowledge, to reduce environmental risks. This proposal’s innovative approach is rooted in the co-production of infrastructure solutions through climate-change participatory methodologies that engage local community knowledge, technical appraisals and institutional policy design and implementation.

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Climate Change Policies for People: Implementing Co-Developed Water Governance and Security in the Upper Atoyac River Basin, Puebla

The proposed project aims to deliver impact based on the insights generated by the previous research in the Upper Atoyac River Basin (UARB) by conducting a broader range of stakeholder consultations to co-develop, test, and implement policies for improved water security.

Impacts of war lab

The Impacts of War Lab is established as one of the four joint Labs4TwinnedResearch, along with Environmental Sustainability, Geopolitical Relations,  and Understanding Languages and Culture to foster interdisciplinary research links between The University of Edinburgh (UoE) and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU) and provide a framework for current and future collaboration. This will deliver a range of activities to develop joint research with in-person fellowships in Edinburgh, virtual workshops and a series of small research projects to August 2023. 

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